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20 Intriguing Expository Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Intriguing essay topics are in high demand as they nurture the writing skills and thought process of students. If the provided topic is not interesting, the student loses interest. Brainstorming makes a big and influential start assisting the student. It generates hypothesis and expound ideas while supporting evidences. Hence students are suggested to practice regularly to improve their skills of writing.

Check out some highly interesting expository essay topics for middle school students-

  1. Who is your ideal person in the world? State reasons and support them with relevant reasons.
  2. If you are allowed to become an object, what would it be? Why you would like to live its life?
  3. Which is your favorite book and why?
  4. What changes would you like to bring in the society?
  5. Which is your favorite vacation spot aboard? Why?
  6. Which is your favorite band of singers and why?
  7. Talk about your hobby. How others can learn and get benefitted from your hobby?
  8. If some people in your community have to lose his home due to fire mishap how would you help him and what would be you strategies?
  9. Productivity and economy are the consequences of obesity? How it affects the productivity and economy of the country?
  10. State the direct and indirect consequences of World War I and World War II?
  11. How internet has brought revolution in the society?
  12. How pollution and pesticides are liable for serious health consequences in the world?
  13. Which is the best TV show that you like and why?
  14. Talk about a destination where you will be taking a day off after a heavy snowfall?
  15. What are the reasons for burgeoning of some serious health ailments? Describe at least 5 such ailments and state their reasons?
  16. You lost a book before your exams. What you did then?
  17. Describe your favorite character of cartoon? What is the most special feature that you like about it?
  18. What would you do, if you were allowed to become the Prime Minister for a day?
  19. Compare two important days of your life? How both of them are different?
  20. What is peer pressure? How bullying affects physical, mental and emotional well being of an individual?

The above mentioned topics are highly interesting and will grab the reader’s attention for sure, however, if you looking for some more topics you can find here.

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