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Creating A Brilliant Argumentative Essay On Xenophobia: A Step-By-Step Guide

Writing an argumentative essay isn't that hard. If you are committed to this, and you want to do your job right, this will become relatively easy. As long as you don't rush into things, which is a big no-no in every aspect, and you have the necessary patience do work, you will get this done in no time, faster than you expected, and better as well.

  • Research. Always research before you start working. It might be time-consuming depending on the subject, but it's a must. For xenophobia, reading about it from a psychological point of view could be of a lot of help in the end. Or, if you know someone, talk with a patient that suffers from this. The best info you get from the source. Depending on the situation, try to get as much info as possible before starting.
  • Source. Where did it all start from? Every phobia usually has a kick starter, from a young age mostly, but not necessarily. Try to pinpoint the root of the problem, in order to resolve it, instead of just curing the symptoms like every "good" doctor does these days.
  • Subject. It affects all types of people. Are there are, in particular, that stand out? Everybody has it's reasons for feeling a certain way, try to find them out. One person to another.
  • Fear. Every negative emotion, from a psychological point of view, manifests itself from fear. Try to see where is that fear coming from, and how it can be "fixed". It a relatively long and painful process, but one that is definitely worth it in the end.
  • The Unknown. Almost everybody is scared of this. Small children aren't afraid of the dark; they are scared that they don't know what could be lurking inside it. Fear of death follows the same criteria. Try to emphasize on this, since it affects so many people around the world. By doing this, and maybe even finding a solution, you could do a groundbreaking piece of work.
  • Pro's and con. You didn't think for a second that there might be pro to this. But there are, sometimes this fear can protect you from doing something that might hurt you physically or emotionally in the long run. Try to explain how even this can work into your advantage although it's rare, it might life-saving.

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