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Best Places To Find A Good Example Of An Essay On US History

US History is not too old; in fact the country has been independent for less than 250 years and is a derivative of British culture. Yet, typically after the Industrial Revolution, the country has cut a sparkling individual existence for itself.

The different straits

If you wish to write an essay on US history or looking for ideas when completing one of your history writer jobs, you would do well to check out the period of Industrial Revolution. This has had global impact and many countries gained a new perspective from that event.

  • You can also look into the lives of the two beacons – George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who might not been on the same page on certain points, but inarguably fashioned USA as it is today.
  • Another avenue would be the Civil War; a period which gave USA confidence that they can fight for their boundaries and external existence. The Civil War also heavily impacted the American Dream.
  • You can flash forward to the 1st world War and the token participation during it, but a grand hand in the formation of League of Nations after that. With this, USA launched itself on the global scene.
  • You can also take a dip into the Great Depression of 1933 which shattered USA in more ways than one and how FDR’s New Deal showed them the light. This was also the period when Mafia entered the US shores, bringing with it the smuggling of contraband.
  • The Pearl Harbor incidence; bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the eventual formation of UNO are three great structures you can manipulate and substantiate.
  • You can also take an askance look on the Vietnam War and try to justify US scruples in the War. Vietnam paid a great price for the cold struggle between the then two superpowers USA and USSR.
  • You can adjudge US policies in defense and foreign relations. While they have been on the bullet in most cases; there have admittedly been cases where they were unnecessarily dominant. You can also adumbrate the role of FBI and CIA in US development.
  • You can make an emphatic reading of the trade-offs with Asian and European enterprises and how Americans have managed to make Dollar the blue-chip currency.
  • The continual friction with Cuba and Fidel Castro and eventual ceasing of indignation recently would be a great topic for essay.
  • You cannot forget how 9/11 impacted USA and how the hand against terror has been getting stronger by the day.

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