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Instructions For Writing A Narrative Essay In Seven Simple Steps

A narrative essay will tell a story. It can be less formal and more casual than the academic style essays that are usually assigned in writing or English class. They can also be more fun! Use our seven simple steps as you write this fun piece.

  1. The framework: setting, characters, plot, climax, tone, and conflict must be planned before you can put your pen to paper. The success of this paper will be in the planning stages. Consider all of these things first and then make some decisions.
  2. Chronological or flashback construction: decide which way the narrative will unfold. This is strictly your choice.
  3. The viewpoint: after you decide the way the sotry will unfold, now you can pick who will tell this story. Again, this choice belongs to the author of the paper.
  4. Dialogue: dialogue is not easy to write. You have to make it realistic and not too stiff. You will probably need it in this style of paper. As you write more of it, it will be easier to do. And it will sound more natural with practice.
  5. Outline-once you have taken care of the framework, order, viewpoint, and dialogue issues you can write an outline. Unless your teacher specifies, it does not matter if you use a topic or a sentence style outline. Do not be too concerned if you make a bunch of changes while working on the outline. These changes are supposed to happen with a good outline. After you finalize the rough outline, you are ready for the final outline and any needed edits. The success of a narrative is in the planning.
  6. Rough draft-following your detailed outline, you can now make your rough draft of your composition. It, too, may change as you write it. This is okay. You may also discover that you end up writing several rough drafts. This is perfectly acceptable as well.
  7. Edit and final –you can edit the rough draft of your paper and then begin to write the final draft. You should be careful not to make any new mistakes. This part of the paper should not have too many changes at all. You can get a friend or family member, with fresh eyes, to proof the paper for you. Once proofed, you will be finished! You will probably not have a reference page.

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