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Helpful Hints For Writing A 3-Paragraph Essay On Global Warming

There is probable nothing easier in the world of academic writing than a 3-paragraph essay. This is the shortest and simplest assignment you will ever going to get in your whole life. Global warming being the topic only makes your life even easier – this is one of the most researched topics there are. However, if you are in junior high school or are taking your first steps in academic writing, even a piece as simple as this may become tacky. We are happy to provide you with a few hints on how to survive this piece and get a good grade.

3-paragraph structure: everything you need to know.

The first thing you have to learn is there are three basic parts of any essay, no matter how long. They are: introduction, main body and conclusion. The easy part about this type of paper is that you get only one paragraph per each part. However, it’s sometimes harder to make your writing short that making it long. After all, you need to show your full capacity in just these short 3 paragraphs.

Global warming: what can you write about?

This seemingly easy topic can still cause you a lot of trouble. First of all, how you approach it, will depend on the type of paper you get to write. Such simple topics are usually assigned with one purpose: teaching you how to write in general. Here are a few essay types you can get assigned in high school or first years of college:

  1. Expository – where you need to present and explain your topic to the readers.
  2. Persuasive – you will need to choose a position and persuade your readers to join you in following it.
  3. Analytical – this one mostly goes with examining a piece of art, like book, movie, poem etc and is not your typical type for a global warming essay.
  4. Argumentative – choose a position and show your readers why it is better than others’.

So, the type of essay you’ve got determines the angle you need to take on your topic. Now you realize that there is a bunch of things to write on in global warming, you just need to take the right direction.

Writing a 3-paragrpaph essay on global warming is not that hard after all, just as any other paper. You just need to take your teacher’s assignment, put it down to its components and you’ll have it al figured out.

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