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Composing A Visual Analysis Essay: Top 10 Effective Tips

Visual analysis essays are usually written in an Art History course or possibly and English or History class as well but most of the time it is used in Art History. Here are 10 effective tips for composing a visual analysis essay:

  1. Make sure you describe the basic facts about the art picture in your introduction. Try to use descriptive words to give the reader a great idea of what you are trying to describe.
  2. Give other facts in the introduction such as how the piece was created and what purpose the artist had for creating the image.
  3. Your introduction should also include some interesting information about the artist and how this information may have influenced the image you are reporting on.
  4. Try to use the introduction to discuss something that may be controversial also at this point.
  5. Explain why the artist used certain colors, textures, lines or sizes to lend to what you felt in the image.
  6. The last sentence of the introduction is what your thesis is which is really what you feel the meaning of the image is. All of these first 6 tips are all part of your introduction and need to be organized by using an outline in order for you to make logical sense to help your reader understand.
  7. Describe the historical context around when the image was created and how that had anything to do with your thesis.
  8. The body is where you find three ideas that support what your meaning of the image is or your thesis. Each of the three ideas should have their own paragraph which would make paragraphs 3, 4, and 5 of your essay. Make sure you give each idea as a topic sentence and then support your sentence with a couple of other facts.
  9. Your conclusion really shouldn’t restate your thesis but possibly compare this piece of art to another.
  10. Your conclusion can also state how effective you felt the author was at portraying the meaning you thought the author was trying to show. This is a little different than in most other essays since most other essays don’t like new information to be introduced into the essay at this point.

These are ten guidelines or tips on how to create a great visual analysis essay. If you want more specific information, this is a great resource you can try.

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