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Best Process Essay Topics: 10 Prompts Worth Using

A process essay is a paper in which you describe how to do something or explain some process and steps that need to be taken to complete it. By the time your reader finishes reading your text, he or she needs to know how to do something or understand a process that was not clear before. Do not write about something that is too complicated. Do not write a short explanation about the topic that needs thorough instruction. Avoid writing about something that could only be explained well with the help of visual aids.

Create a plan for your writing. Outline all the steps of the process and arrange them in the right sequence. If your purpose is to explain the process, make a sentence for each step and develop it into a paragraph if necessary. Be careful with connections between paragraphs: do not overuse “then”, “and then”, “firstly”, “secondly”, etc. After you have described the process, write an introduction and an ending. Keep in mind that you need to engage your readers with the introduction, so make it interesting and captivating.

If you have a hard time creating a topic for a process essay, here are some tips.

  1. Think of a process that you feel you know better than most of the people who will read your paper. This could be anything from making jam to resolving conflicts at the workplace. You can also come up with some crazy process, like how to travel around the world without spending any money, or how to become a pop-star. In order to make this kind of essay interesting, you need to interpret the process.
  2. Create a how-to paper. For example, how to organize a bibliography. Or how to write interestingly about boring subjects.
  3. Write about an institutional process that you are well familiar with. For example, how a law firm works, or how MacDonalds works.

Here are ten more process essay prompts for you to use:

  1. How to plan a perfect party.
  2. How to travel to a new country with $100.
  3. How to potty-train a baby.
  4. How to become environmentally friendly.
  5. How to survive in a big city without a car.
  6. How to make perfect ice cream.
  7. How to prepare for a job interview.
  8. How to look fashionable on a small budget.
  9. How to quit smoking.
  10. How to make friends on Facebook.

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