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A List Of Interesting Narrative Essay Topics About Your First Day At College

If you need to write a narrative essay, you need to write a story about your own experience. It will be a description of your personal feelings, emotions, thoughts and attitudes. Since the essay should not be very long, you’d better try to make it quite brief, yet informative.

If you need to write about a topic related to your first day at college, it means that you need to recall all your memories of this day and pick out the ones that are worth being included in your narration. You should remember that it’s better not to give any personal evaluation of other people. If you need to speak about them, give more attention to what they have done, the character of these actions and the way they have influenced your own experience.

Below, you can find several sample topics for a narrative essay dedicated to the first day at college.

  1. Your first day at college and your very first impression (how it did or did not transform with further studying).
  2. Your new fellow students, the first impression they made and your first feeling about them.
  3. Who was your favorite teacher on the very first day at your college?
  4. How, in your mind, would you have felt at your first day at college if you had had chosen another one?
  5. The most striking things you saw inside the campus on your first day at college.
  6. Did you understand who would be your friends on the first day?
  7. Were you anxious, excited, frightened, surprised, etc., when you first arrived at the college as a student?
  8. Did you have the feeling that your college would be your second home since the first day?
  9. Did you feel homesick at the end of your first day at college or did you feel quite well in the new place?
  10. Your ideal first day at college and the real one you had.
  11. Your ideas about how colleges should greet students on their first day.
  12. Judging by your own experience, speak about what your college lacks to make students feel comfortable on their first day.
  13. Would you like to live your first day of college once again if you could?
  14. Things that made your first day at your college a day to remember.
  15. What would you change in your first day at your college if you had a chance to live it once again?

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