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Great Topic Ideas For An Expository Essay About Basketball

Expository essay writing includes thoroughly exploring an idea or concept related to the main idea. The subject of basketball has many interesting elements to write about. When writing a paper of this nature it helps to have good ideas for topics. For more ways on how to develop ideas for basketball or other subject topics check this website. Here are tips to help you develop raw original ideas from scratch and sample ideas about basketball to find perfect topic.

What Aspects Do You Like about Basketball?

Writing an expository essay about basketball can focus on any element you want. This means your interests can give insight on what to write about and how to make the process easy. What are things you like about the sport you feel you can explain in good detail? Brainstorm possible ideas based on what you know or what you would like to learn more about. Think about ideas that may require more research. If you can collect more information and present something different or least expected, that idea could be something you want choose for your project.

What Areas Do You Think are Interesting for Expository Essay Writing?

The sport has all sorts of angles to explore. You could look at the subject from a professional standpoint. You can think about it from a historical viewpoint. It comes down to your personal interest and what you want to know or want to share. Maybe you know information about a sports team others may find interesting. What about basketball played in school or ways a person can improve their chances of making a shot?

10 Sample Ideas for Inspiration

Sometimes a little inspiration is all you need to get going in developing raw ideas. The following 10 writing prompts can help you think about the sport from different perspectives and lead you to a good topic.

  1. How basketball was invented.
  2. How rules for the game were developed.
  3. How a basketball team chooses players.
  4. What are ways a person can practice to improve their skills?
  5. How injuries are obtained.
  6. How professional players practice during the season.
  7. How players stay in shape off season.
  8. How a basketball game is played.
  9. How to buy tickets for a game.
  10. How does an injured player stay in shape when they can’t play?

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