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Creating A Good Argumentative Essay: 5 Things To Remember

There is nothing like a good old argumentative essay to get the blood flowing. For you, the writer, this is a golden opportunity to vent your frustrations about a topic you have been thinking about and in the meantime, have the added advantage of (nearly) inciting a riot within your audience. Just joking. But the debates can rage on and you can light the fire!

If you want to create a great argumentative essay, here are 5 things you should keep in mind when writing it.

  1. Find points of conflict
  2. When choosing a topic to write about, try and look at things which have two or more conflicting points of view about them. It should not be something that has an accepted wisdom about it. An air conditioner cools the air. There are no ifs and buts about that. However, start discussing the roles of men and women in society and see how many conflicting views you get.

  3. Be controversial
  4. A topic with conflicting views is all well and good but the best argumentative essays are written about controversial topics. This is because controversial topics ensure people are interested in reading what is written because they care about it. People can be passionate about things, take advantage of that. Pro-gun or against guns? Against abortion or pro-choice? Animal Testing or no animal testing? Take your pick.

  5. Do your research
  6. When you have chosen a topic, start your research. Do it thoroughly. Analyze your topic from every angle and find out every conceivable point of view about it. Take a lot of notes. Eventually a picture will start to emerge of all the conventional and unconventional wisdom about your topic.

  7. Create an Outline
  8. Form a thesis statement from all the information you have gathered about your topic. Then create an outline of your essay. Start from just the headings and then include as much detail as possible. Start with an introduction, include headings for paragraphs you will write and jot down points for a conclusion. Reserve one paragraph for one argument.

  9. Start writing
  10. Start writing while following your outline. Write an interesting and eye-catching introduction. Use plenty of examples and evidence to support your arguments. Make sure your sources for the evidence are impeccable. Draw your conclusions based upon your arguments. Proofread and make corrections before you submit. Good luck!

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