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Argumentative Essay Topics: A List Of Original Suggestions

Whether you are writing an essay for a journal or for your own blog, the topics you choose makes a lot of difference. You can choose an informative topic or an argumentative topic for your paper and in case of the latter you are required to be clear of your stand or the side you choose and have adequate back up for supporting your argumentative stand.

For an argumentative essay it is necessary that you believe in what you stand for so as to make the message stronger. You cannot afford your statements to be indefinite as that would add confusion and would give a vague outcome to the essay. Also you must put your thoughts into the essay in a way so that the readers are able to look at it from your point of view. Therefore make sure you include elements that are irrefutable. Before you start off with it, you should make proper plans for it.

How to choose a good topic for an argumentative essay

While choosing a topic for an argumentative piece you should see to it that the topic has two distinct and conflicting angles. Any topic on which you either have acceptance or denial, can make a very good subject for your essay.

A strong curiosity on the topic is necessary but that alone would not suffice. You must provide evidence and proper reasoning to why you have chosen your stand. There can be many topics which may have two points of arguments but might not have adequate evidences or examples to back your views, in such cases either you have to use really strong and logical arguments that would make the readers agree with you or simply scrap the topic.

Also it is important that you stick to a logical conclusion than an emotionally influenced one.

A list of original suggestions for argumentative topics

The number of topics on which you can write argumentative essays on is limitless. All you need is an observant and critical mind to look at things from an analytical or argumentative point of view. Below are few topics which have been subjected to critical analysis again and again ever since they surfaced our cognition.

  • Human Rights Topics
  • Topics on Animal Rights
  • Child Rights
  • Genetic Cloning
  • Euthanasia
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Death Penalty
  • Human Trafficking
  • Terrorism
  • Security
  • Breast Cancer

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