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Composing A Powerful Introduction For A Descriptive Essay: Tips And Examples

"Morning shows the day", the proverb may not be applicable in our daily lives, considering most people love their 'night outs', but it surely applies to writing a descriptive essay. A catchy introduction to your descriptive essay takes you a long way. A wholesome and edifying introduction is first to grab a reader's attention. When a reader feels good about the beginning he/she continues reading with full vigour. A persuasive introduction is such that consists of what the whole essay deals about, this is where the reader gets an overview of the writer's intentions. To design a compelling introduction you may refer to few hints given below:

  • Maintain a pyramidal design- you should initiate your introduction presenting a bigger picture of your essay and subsequently focus on the topic. A brilliant way to give rise to promising prospects is formulating questions, whose answers would be dealt with in the body of your essay.
  • A brief framework- you always need to brainstorm an outline according to which the topic would spiral out. The description of the same must be short and crisp and nothing that will move the readers towards boredom.
  • Importance of descriptive statements- descriptive statements will trigger images in the reader's mind. So it would be a witty task if you described a simple thing in the most personal manner so that the readers could relate to it and feel as a part of your paper.
  • Question the readers- a catchy introduction beginning with a candid question intrigues the reader more than anything. You are aiming to involve the readers in the thrilling world of your essay, there is no better way than throwing questions at them and capturing their minds. The questions would oblige them to contemplate from the very beginning until they found the answers in the subject matter.
  • Ignore digression- the last thing you would do is describe about a similar topic than the actual one. When you digress from the actual topic you not only pose a threat to the whole of your essay but also bore your readers. It is quite embarrassing if the readers start snoring before even reaching that part where you have actually stuffed with wit, humour or pathos.

The indispensable thing that one has to remember while writing a winning introduction is correct grammar and vocabulary that is not superfluous but appropriate. You need to keep these two things constant and the rest will follow.

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