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How To Write An Effective Essay About Steve Jobs: Five Great Suggestions

Steve Jobs is a popular subject for essays and papers for many reasons. This influential man has not only become a legend in the tech and business world, but he is also an inspiring figure to many self-starters and self-motivators. Here are five great suggestions on how to make your essay about Steve Jobs more effective.

  1. Get to Know the Man
  2. Many writers fail actually to attempt to know the person they are writing about. This doesn’t mean that you need to go knock on his door and become BFFs, but it does mean that you should read what is already out there. Learn as much as you can so that you can find something specific about him that interests you and will help you craft a quality essay on a sincere topic.

  3. Select a Unique and Specific Topic
  4. Your topic must be unique and specific. Steve Jobs is well known, and there is a whole lot of material out there about him that anybody can find. Make a point that the reader does not expect or make a point that will teach the reader something they don’t already know.

  5. Pick a Cool Perspective
  6. The perspective or the voice of your paper can draw the reader in and make them understand where you are coming from and why you are making the point that you choose to make. Examples of perspective you could use are:

    • Steve Jobs himself – Writing your essay as if it is coming from Steve Jobs himself would be a cool twist (obviously make sure that the reader knows it is for the sake of art and NOT actually written by Steve Job). Tell his story or a certain lesson from his perspective.
    • Coworker or employee – Write from the perspective of someone who worked with him. Interview someone or cite a source that worked with him to get that authentic feel.
    • Superior – Write from the perspective of someone above him seeing him learn a certain lesson or even remarking on his rise to success.
  7. Select a Specific Lesson
  8. Most of those who are fascinated by Steve Jobs want to learn something from him. He did a lot of things right and had a lot of experiences that we can learn from. Pick a specific lesson that ties in with your topic and with Steve Jobs’ life that you can use as a takeaway. People will leave your essay knowing something new or helpful that they can apply to their lives.

  9. Personal Life
  10. A lot of people wonder about the personal life of such a legendary person and what shaped their rise to fame and fortune. Be sure to intertwine anecdotes from his years growing up or as a young man or even from his parents’ lives that may have made a significant impact on his life and how he ended up where he is.

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