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Vital Advice On How To Write An Effective Essay Body Paragraph

After writing a thesis statement and the introduction, students need to create a strong body for their paper. Although the introduction is supposed to draw the reader into the argument, it is the body that ultimately makes or breaks the thesis. This section of the essay is responsible for providing the research and argument points that support the thesis. By writing a good body, students can ensure that they get a better score on the assignment.

Topic Sentences

Before writing out the body paragraphs, students need to create an outline first. In the outline, they should include a topic sentence for every paragraph, This topic sentence is essentially a miniature thesis statement that supports the main argument of the essay. Each paragraph's topic sentence should build on the previous paragraph's idea. If there is any rearranging needed, it should be done while the essay is still just an outline. Once the paper has been written out, it will be much harder to change the order of the argument.

Using Research

While making the outline, students should make sure that they include the relevant research for each paragraph. In general, each topic sentence should be supported by two or three pieces of information. To make sure that the student does not use the same piece of information multiple times, they should include it in the outline. In addition, students should make sure that they keep the source information as they write because they will need it later on for the bibliography.

General Guidelines

As a rule, each paragraph will normally be between three to eight paragraphs. Most essays have paragraphs that are actually about five or six sentences long. This may not sound like a lot of space to discuss the topic, but it is intended to make the writer be concise in their writing. Each sentence should be written so that it conveys the idea as clearly and with as much brevity as possible. The art of good writing is in brevity, not elongated sentences.

Read Examples

Academic journals will generally include essay examples from some of the best writers in the world. Students who want to be good at writing should read through examples so that they learn new techniques and writing styles. In addition, students can use the example as a sample for their citations and formatting. If the example is about a similar topic, the student can even use some of the bibliography's sources for their own paper.

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