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The Battle Of The Sexes

From the topic, “The Battle of the Sexes” appears to be like a battle of the male and female gender or seemingly connotes such affiliations. Well, that cannot be disputed. It could mean many things to many people and probably, they may be right in one way or another. All the same, this is a British comedy film that starred Peter Sellers and was directed by Charles Crichton. The film was developed from “The Catbird seat” story written by one James Thurber and in reality, it has something to do with gender issues and a show of might.

Film introduction and flow

A shy accountant working in a Scottish Tweed weaving company, Sellers bravely bests the brash contemporary American expert called Cummings whose found ideas seem to pose a threat to the way he lives. It all starts with one Martin who buys whisky together with cigarettes on the commonly known Royal Mile. He turns out to be the chief accountant in a very outdated firm in this new town. Along the George Street are some premises, the Justerini & Brooks that are used as their shop in the movie.

At some point, Martin gets called to the death-bed of the proprietor, MacPherson. He is given whisky which he turns down. The old fellow takes both and dies suddenly. The company gets a new owner who is enamored with a very industrious American woman who is certainly an efficiency expert and is committed to change her hand to transform this Tweed Company. The woman wants to make a visit to the factory located on the island but she discovers that the work is done completely by elderly couples, on crofts where wool is spun. She makes arrangements to replace the total of seven hundred weavers, located around the islands with one big factory. As she tours the city, she makes up her mind to change the company’s operations to process synthetic fibers.

The real battle of the sexes

One day as Martin watches a Sherlock Holmes movie at the cinema hall, he gets inspiration to kill Mrs. Barrows. He neither drinks nor smokes and therefore, he decides to mislead any investigation in the future by drinking and smoking at the scene where the crime is planned to take place. However, his plans seem to fail because his conscience does not allow him to carry out his planned mission. Finally, he is not able to kill her. The events that follow show Martin winning the battle but in real sense, there is a huge war that he has not taken care of.

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