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How To Organize A Cause And Effect Essay In A Proper Way

This is a common type of essay that explores why things take place and their respective upshots. They provide grounds for conducts, events or occasions. The arguments you present should be factual and credible. In your thesis statements, you have to show clearly whether you will talk about the causes, aftermaths or in some rare occasions, both. The most important aspect of your writing include the following:


Good preparation entails carrying out research to explore the topic. Note down important information for both sides on a piece of paper. This can be from various resource materials such as textbooks, magazines, journals and internet content. After this, draw a working plan on how you will embark on the real writing.

Show the relationship

It is important to show the connection between the causes and the effects and be able to take a stand between the two. Ensure you support every argument with lucid reasoning.

The purpose

In this section, you must resolve whether you are trying to inform or to persuade your readers. Choose appropriate words that best fit your explanation.

The following information is a guideline on how to organize your work in a cause and effect essay:

The title page

This page should contain the main topic of the text, the name of the author, the institution and the date of submission. The running head and the page number should be aligned on the topic right corner.


It is important to give the reader a positive first impression through the introductory section. Let our thesis stand out in the first sentence. Introduce to your readers the causes or the aftermaths for a given behavior or situation. Capture the mind of your audience to elicit an attractive feeling for the rest of the work.

The body

Since the essay has two sides to talk about, you ought to distinguish both sides apparently. For the case of upshot, you have to ask yourself, “What happened?” while when writing the cause, ask yourself, “why did it take place?” It is significant to avoid the use of first person pronouns such as “I”, me” and “my.” It is very significant to support every idea you state with relevant examples and vivid evidence.


In the ending part of your text, it is important to give a brief summary of your arguments; that is, depending on whether you supported the cause or the effect part. Also give your recommendations on the topic.

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